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Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game is played like this.


2 Players start the game by pressing the start button located in the front of the inflatable.


One team is red


One team is green


Each Player has its own side of the game where their lights will randomly light up and they will need tag the light to score points.


After 45 seconds the game will end and the scoreboard will light up with the score and the highest score is the winner.


The Tag The Light Inflatable Interactive Arena Game will tire you out and is an incredible work out and is highly addictive. This will be the best interactive game for 2018. If your looking for the newest game that your guests havent played this will be the one



Interactive Play system includes


IPS comes with 10 wireless sensors, 10 mounts (to be attached to your existing inflatable) a score display/panel, which is integrated in a solid case. Moreover, the carrying case acts as a stand, so it can be setup next to the inflatable. Both the case with display and the sensors will remain charged for 1-2 days, even if theyre being used the entire time! The sensors work on  a 2,4 Ghz frequency, so no WIFI is needed. The range of the sensors is 100-150 ft. under normal circumstances and any console can be extended up to 20 sensors.


In addition, extra spots (lights) and spot holders can also be purchased separately. Should it ever happen that someone forgot to charge the lights and you have a big event coming up, then spare lights are always a good plan to have.


The future of inflatables in interactive! Stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to take advantage of the new direction the inflatables industry is heading!









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