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Guangzhou Jiang Yue Inflatable Co,.Ltd

Welcome to Jiang Yue inflatables company. Our mainly business is in the air track,paddle board,inflatable bouncer, inflatable slides, inflatable sports, inflatable obstacles, inflatable tent, inflatable water games, inflatable water park etc. Jiang Yue inflatables are your best choice.Now Jiang Yue has advanced management systems and integral equipment available. We have professional Designing Department, Cutting Department, Sewing Department, Hot-Welded Department, Printing Department, Quality Control Department, and Packaging Department. All finished products are strictly tested and we will take pictures from all angles to make sure the quality and clients' satisfaction. Jiang Yue Inflatables Company has a great design team that can offer you great 3D effect designs for your ideas about inflatables, and after your confirmation, we will make CAD drawings for production. The designers from Jiang Yue are very experienced and we never stop exploring and always being creative, we can offer you giant inflatable water park, giant inflatable slide and we are very proud of ourselves that we can offer you the giant inflatable sealed tents which most of the other inflatable manufacturers can't offer.

EN14960 certificate
1-Cici Song, Qualified inspector (Registration NO.: RPII AI0162)
2-Unique traceable safety certificates can enter the European markets.
3-Operation Manual and Log Books.

Successful Case

Jiang Yue plant has made many successful cases and received positive feedback from customers. Jiang Yue is always from the perspective of customers and is committed to creating the greatest benefits for customers and achieving long-term cooperation with customers.

Water Park Project

This kind products most for outdoor group inflatable water park for amusement. It has a multi-theme which will attract all ages of adults and kids! It is usually combined with an inflatable slide, water toys, obstacle course, and water pool. It includes slides, trampoline, obstacle, rock climbing, lifeguard tower, walking rollers, etc. It is very suitable for rental, you can get a factory price and recover your cost very quickly. The Jiang Yue factory has rich experience in designing and producing water park projects. The following are some of the successful cases of the Jiang Yue factory water park project.

Floating Water Park

The inflatable waterpark is an amusement Aquapark that features water play areas, it is made up of such as inflatable slides, water slides, water trampoline, water totter, water action tower and other water games. The inflatable water park has made life easier for parents and more enjoyable for children. This is because this activity can be set up on the sea, pool, lake. It can also be used in both wet, and dry weather as the 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin used to make these slides is super-strong. These water toys range from small size to large slides that even adults can play and have fun in. Most people prefer renting the water park to use in activities, parties, and games in summer. These help keep the children happy and occupied while parents are busy with other tasks. More Successful Case For Your Reference

Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course

Can you conquer the course? If you are up to the challenge, grab a buddy and jump through the starting rings. Fight your way through the many pop-ups and crawl through the tunnel. Push your way past the sidebars, then more small pop-ups and some big ones. Now after all that make your way up and over the rock wall and down the slide. So much fun, this obstacle course will surely wear out your youngsters. The giant project consists of 11 inflatables, such as Start Line, Crash Course, Sling Shot, Climbing Run, Crawling Tunnel, Jump Around, Big Balls, The Humps, Mattress Run, Wrecking Ball, Finish Line.



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